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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Mk4 Stirling Engine

這是 Mk4 史特林引擎

TheStirling engine - built from Maccano, various tin cans, and two graphite pistons running inside glass cylinders, sleeved in black plastic. Stirling as in Stirling engine is spelt Stirling not Sterling. For the technically minded, the displacer is 6cm diameter by 2.5cm stroke, and the piston is 1.6 cm diameter by 4cm stroke. The displacer is in an air tight chamber and is moved up and down, by a thin wire passing through a seal made of silicone bathroom sealant. This moves 'displaces' a trapped volume of air from the 'hot end' heated by a tea light candle and the 'cold end' which is at room temperature, this causes the air to expand and contract, pulling and pushing on the piston, driving the engine. The Flexi springs are made using a new type of ultra thin springy strip that Meccano new include in some of their sets. The Video was taken in wide screen format - don't know how to get wide screen to play properly in Google video. This is all part of my main hobby which is promoting alternative energy. Check out which is a community owned wind farm I'm involved in. Also check out my Lister Engine video, part of my plans to build a self powered 'ecohouse' -see my home energy Yahoo group. (shorter link ).

The Mk4 Meccano Stirling Engine driving a roundabout.